Disease Prevention/Treatment               Peace and Conflict Resolution
      Basic Education/Literacy                               Economic  and Community
       Water and Sanitation                                   Maternal and Child Health
How do we do it?
Projects within the Six Areas of Focus are funded by a grant system operated between Rotary clubs and The Rotary Foundation. This gives clubs the opportunity to apply for grants for projects which matter to them.
Whom do we do it with?
Once a project is identified, clubs  partner with Rotary clubs in the host country to undertake the project. Additionally, clubs have the opportunity to partner with approved agencies to provide specialist input in the Six Areas of Focus.
Can we work with you?
The great thing about Rotary is that is gives people the platform to make a difference and focus on the issues which matter to them. If you as an individual or an organization, have a cause you are passionate about, set the wheels in motion and collaborate with clubs locally, nationally and internationally to make a difference.
You will have access to resources and programs that can help you increase your personal and professional skills, gain world understanding, and make lifelong friendships—all while bringing about sustainable, positive change in communities. We are always looking for new ways of ‘Doing Good In The World’