Do you want to make the WORLD a Better Place?

As a child, do you remember the people who had an influence on you?  What did they do?  What did they say?  What was the impact?  Rotary's theme for this year is:  "Making a Difference".  This week we focus on one way you can make a difference. Take this week to explore what opportunities are in your community to mentor a child/student/young adult.  Report those experiences on our Facebook page or on our website:  Here are some inspirational videos to help:  http://
As a mentor you can play a variety of roles in a young person's life, a teacher, a friend, an advocate, a coach.  Research predicts 1 in 3 young people(  http://mentoring,org/program-resources/mentor0resources-and-publications/the mentoring effect/) will reach adulthood without connecting with a mentor of any kind.  Let's change that statistic.  
Here is my story:  
I began mentoring in 2017 with a young 8th grade girl.  The  school staff  did not tell me much about her nor did I need to know any specific details of her past.  When we met, it was interesting as she told me about her love for art and music.  
As the year has progressed we have developed a relationship like none other in my life experiences.  She waits for me to arrive every week.  She is cheerful, excited and eager to tell me about her week and show me her work.  I wanted to share one piece of her work with you.  This was an art assignment to be completed as a project.  She chose "symbolism".   You can make a difference.  Can't wait to hear your story!