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As we approach December 7th, 2015, we remember a day in 1941 when Japan attacked the America base at Pearl Harbor and Germany was advancing across Europe, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Some 70 years later, those conflicts have been resolved, only to see new conflicts take shape. Every year there are new conflicts, wars, genocides…which begs the question, “is peace possible?”

Rotary has been working on peace initiatives for many years and has developed opportunities for schooling in conflict resolution. Rotary gives individuals to the opportunity to learn how to mediate our conflicts, negotiate or differences, and cooperate together for a common good.

Watch this video and leave feed back on what you can do to encourage peace in our time.

In the contact for below, provide 3 ideas you have for creating peace in the world. You can only accomplish so much, but together, we can accomplish a lot.