McKinzie McVey – Wine from the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

McKinzie McVey, outbound to Burgundy, France, 2010-11
Talking today about wine from the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina Living and working in the wine industry in Mendoza, Argentina for three years, McKinzie gives an overview of the region and winery where she got her start. Here you'll learn some Argentine wine history, the climate in Uco Valley, and why you should plan your next vacation here.
McKinzie learned to appreciate wine during her Rotary exchange year to Burgundy, France in 2010-2011. After finishing her Global Studies degree at the University of Minnesota, she completed the wine certificate program at St. Paul College. Afterward, she moved back to Argentina to work in tourism and in the commercial sector of the wine industry.
Currently, she resides in Mendoza and continues to taste her way through the region. Join us for this presentation with a glass of wine - even better if it's from Argentina! Cheers!