Welcome to our Meeting.  As typical we start with reciting our Rotary Four Way Test:   

  Of the things we think, say and do:

    1. Is it the Truth?

      2.  Is it Fair to All concerned?
      3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
      4. Will it be beneficial to all?
Jon Grayson, President Elect
Jon Grayson, President Elect for 2018-2019  
 Jon attended the President Elect Training in Rochester, MN this past weekend, and shares some take-aways:
"PETS was very informative, and in the spirit of Rotary, the theme is now “Be Inspired” and I truly am…and know that as leaders, we all need to lead with inspiration.
Three things that I came away with and will propose to our membership as prospective goals for the new Rotary year beginning in July are:
  1. We have two presentations per month, and set a standard time that we can vote on for regular meetings
  2. As a club, we are inspired to select a Rotary program that we can embrace as a club.  Fast for Hope, Polio Plus and Youth Exchange are areas I propose we work into future presentations
  3. Given our affordable dues structure, I will strongly encourage we each give SOMETHING individually to Rotary Foundation in order to achieve 100% participation. Even $10/month can work for any budget
  4. Finally, I really want to meet all of you.  With that in mind, I’ll be planning a social gathering at my house in the second week of May."
Nuclear Bomb Discussion
      The following is a challenge  to participate in a 20 minute discussion via conference call in regards to your knowledge of Nuclear Weapons.  What do you know about nuclear weapons?  What are your questions?  The information below is to stimulate your thinking for a meaningful discussion in the future facilitated by Dr. Ann Frisch.  She is available to do discussions to any group or organization who wants to participate.  This post may seem academic, but if you are interested in having a meaningful discussion about nuclear weapons, this is the place to be.
Dr. Ann Frisch has prepared a 20 minute curriculum to discuss the issue of nuclear weapon literacy. She is a member of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace and a recipient of the United Nations recognition for her work in Peace.  Below you will find information about the non-partisan requirement of Rotary as well as questions provided by the Kona Sunrise Rotary Club in Hawaii.  We will be scheduling a future meeting to discuss this program on a conference call.  Here are the details provided by Dr. Frisch on the purpose, Rotary guidelines, etc.  
Ann Frisch +1 651 964 5738
Purpose: Bringing Rotarians together around best information about nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, and uranium mining.  This curriculum is designed to build civil society responses to nuclear weapons through respectful discourse.  The curriculum is specifically built to fit in a Rotary Club presentation space, but could be adapted for district and international meetings as well as adapted for other organizations as well.  This curriculum is written for Rotarians in any country.
Objective: Compile a list of the most pressing questions that Rotarians have about nuclear weapons and whom they might trust for honest answers.   The most pressing questions from the most trusted sources will be compiled and made available directly, by social media, through Rotary conventions and district meetings.  Create a nonpartisan, scholarly based, “truth” guided approach.
 To provide a background for the non-partisan portion Dr,  Frisch has provided some data to support the role of Rotary as it pertains to politics.  
Rotary on nonpartisanship
Ann Frisch
Rotary Clubs and Districts are expected to understand and take an active role in promoting peace.
 “RI and its member clubs refrain from issuing partisan political statements.
Rotarians are prohibited from adopting statements with a view to exerting
any pressure on governments or political authorities.” (2013 Manual of Procedure:
Politics, page 7)
It is the duty of Rotarians to understand the conflict:
1) In their clubs, to keep under review political developments in their own communities
and throughout the world insofar as they affect service to their
vocations and communities as well as the pursuit of the Rotary objective of
world understanding and peace. They are expected to seek reliable information
through balanced programs and discussions so that members can reach
their own conclusions after a fair, collective examination of the issues.
It is the duty of Rotarians to work for peace:
“2) Outside their clubs, to be active as individuals in as many legally constituted
groups and organizations as possible to promote, not only in words but
through exemplary dedication, awareness of the dignity of all people and
the respect of the consequent human rights of the individual. (89-134, RCP)
2016 Rotary Manual of Procedure page 97
Article 16 Community, National, and International Affairs Section 1 — Proper Subjects. The merits of any public question involving the general welfare of the community, the nation, and the world are of concern to the members of this club and shall be proper subjects of fair and informed study and discussion at a club meeting for the enlightenment of its members in forming their individual opinions. However, this club shall not express an opinion on any pending controversial public measure. Section 2 — No Endorsements. This club shall not endorse or recommend any candidate for public office and shall not discuss at any club meeting the merits or demerits of any such candidate. Section 3 — Non-Political. (a) Resolutions and Opinions. This club shall neither adopt nor circulate resolutions or opinions, and shall not take action dealing with world affairs or international policies of a political nature. (b) Appeals. This club shall not direct appeals to clubs, peoples, or governments, or circulate letters, speeches, or proposed plans for the solution of specific international problems of a political nature. Section 4 — Recognizing Rotary’s Beginning. The week of the anniversary of Rotary’s founding (23 February) shall be known as World Understanding and CLUB CONSTITUTION — ARTICLES 15; 16 98 MANUAL OF PROCEDURE 2016 Peace Week. During this week, this club will celebrate Rotary service, reflect upon past achievements, and focus on programs of peace, understanding, and goodwill in the community and throughout the world.
( Here are some sample questions provided by the Kona Sunrise Rotary Club.  These might be your questions, and if they are, then keep them handy for a future discussion.  
Rotary CLUB OF Kona Sunrise
Dialogue on Nuclear Weapons
February 7, 2018 - FACILITATED by:  Al Jubitz
What questions do you have regarding nuclear weapons? 
Whom would you trust to answer it?
  1. How destructive are nuclear weapons and what are the ranges of their destruction?
  1. Where do you go for shelter?
  1. How can we be prepared? What do we do to protect ourselves? 
  1. What nations, or groups of nations, are most likely to use nuclear weapons and are the greatest threat?
  1. Is the IAEA the right agency to answer question #4?
  1. Is there a possibility to entrust all nuclear nations to agree to a “no first use” pledge?
  1. Is there a compromise plan being developed to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and to stop growth?
  1. Is it realistic to believe that nuclear weapons can be eliminated totally?
  1. What will The State do to protect its citizens?
  1. What is the purpose of nuclear weapons and why are they allowed?
  1. How do we educate and inform the world about the dangers of nuclear weapons?
  1. How do we deal with rogue nations?
  1. Who should be responsible to negotiate the denuclearization of the world?
  1. Can RI serve as an ex-officinal member with the United Nations to negotiate for denuclearization?
  1. How is peace measured?
  1. How do I learn more about nuclear weapons? How can the public be informed?
  1. How do we separate nuclear energy we need versus nuclear weapons that are not necessary
  2. Who is producing materials and selling them to rogue nations? Is there a way to go after them?
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