Posted by John Hobday on Dec 05, 2017
Hello e-club members,
My name is John Hobday. Let me introduce myself to you: I have a technology and educational background, am a former Spanish teacher at Chaska High School and Valley View Middle School in Edina, took 2 years off to do a programming project for a predecessor (sort of ) of Rosetta Stone (tech, education and language), and while waiting for another teaching position to come open, I started a small business and got a consulting  job with the Minneapolis Department of Veteran's Affairs around Alzheimer's Disease.  The project was to develop a CD-ROM for family caregivers (internet was not really widely  used at this time in 1996-97).  It resulted in another project with the University of Minnesota and the VA, and then another, and then a series of grants to develop online training around Alzheimer's and dementia.  Fast forward 20 years.
   My company just turned 20 last June, and we are the only company in the US, that is devoted exclusively to online training for families and professionals around Alzheimer's Disease and other brain disorders.  As part of these training programs we do filming projects around the country of real family members, care providers, experts, and most-importantly, people with Alzheimer's and dementia (the patients, if you will).  We had a filing in Mississippi in July, and it was our 25th state.  Sort of a milestone.
   Here is a short video of my personal story regarding my grandmother who died from Alzheimer's disease right as  my company was starting.  (Click Here)
   So--as I speak at conferences, Rotary Club Meetings, in the community, etc., I always get questions around a few very common topics:
1.  Where are we in finding a cure?
2.  What is the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia?
3. What can I do to prevent this for myself?
  Here are 4 different Ted Talk 
    Alzheimer's Disease is not Normal Aging and We Can Cure it:  (Click Here)
    What You can do to Prevent Alzheimer's:  (Click Here
    Power Foods for the Brain (click Here)
    I'm Preparing to Get Alzheimer's:  (Click here)
   BY the way, dementia is an umbrella term of symptoms like many memory issues, attention, abstract thinking issues, etc.  Alzheimer's is one of over 200 diseases that cause dementia symptoms and gets worse over time.  So dementia is a general term, and Alzheimer's is a specific disease.  This said, about 80% of alldementias are Alzheimer's, so if someone is declining with memory issues, the high likelihood is that it will be Alzheimer's.  Sometimes testing has not been done to confirm this, or a doctor may want to shield the family from a the family is just told "dementia."   This is an OK approach, but Ii think it is also a bit of a disservice to the family.  An Alzheimer's diagnosis is difficult to hear, but one positive is that you usually have years to get affairs in order, try some of the medications on the market, spend more quality time with family, etc.  You also know that you are not alone.  I am happy to discuss this on one of our Zoom video calls if you have more specific questions.  For more information on what we do please (Click here)