Posted by Kathy Laffin on Jan 04, 2018
Rotary Eclub Talk:  January 5, 2018
Kathy Laffin
Rotary 4 Way Test: 
Of the things we say and do:
         1. Is it the truth?
         2. Will it build better friendships?
         3. Is it fair to all concerned?
         4. Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Greetings fellow eclub Rotarians:
  My name is Kathy Laffin, and I am a retired classroom special education teacher, grant writer and teacher in-service trainer now living in Rice Lake, WI.  I am married with 5 adult stepchildren and 9 grandchildren ages 3 months to 31 years. I really like being outdoors and traveling to explore our many National Parks with my husband.  Besides walking, hiking, biking, gardening and curling I enjoy reading, knitting and spending time with elderly people.  My special passion is to help find a cure for breast cancer. 
Several very good friends and my parents-in-law have been active Rotarians for many years, so I have seen what Rotary is about first hand through their involvement. They inspired me to join Rotary, and the eclub is a good fit because it doesn't involve a fixed meeting time and place. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you online and hopefully in person too as time goes on.
My passions and interests have shaped how I spend my time in retirement. Volunteering allows me to choose retirement activities that are very personally satisfying.  The Rotary 4 Way Test implies a spirit of volunteerism and that is the topic I have chosen to share with you. The following TED Talks discuss various aspects of volunteerism and capture some of my thoughts. The topic is complex and these selections are just a start to the discussion. It is my hope that by viewing them you will each be reinforced in your Rotary work and perhaps think of volunteerism in some different ways.  Happy New Year.
"Ask not where life can take you -- ask where you can take life!" Tuan Nguyen

Be Selfish. Volunteer! | Kevin White

About the Speaker:  Kevin J White a social entrepreneur with over 25-years experience working in the nonprofit sector.  As he progressed through the nonprofit sector he began to see opportunities which would lead him on the journey to social entrepreneur. Two projects currently under development are designed to connect small nonprofit organizations to volunteers, donors, companies and other resources in their communities. Kevin’s vision is that the ripple effects of connecting local resources to assist in solving world problems.

Uniting the world through volunteerism. | Nipuna Ambanpola

About the Speaker:  Nipuna is the Founder of IVolunteer International, an NPO operating to elevate the quality of human life across the globe. Nipuna was awarded a scholarship through the Georgia Rotary Student Program to study in the United States. He is involved on campus through Rotaract, Student Government, a Resident Assistant and various other student organizations. He’s an advocate for volunteerism and was awarded the Barbara M. & Donald L. Thomas Peace Award (2015).


The ROI of Volunteerism: Darryl Byrd

About the Speaker:  Darryl Byrd passionately promotes civic engagement for successful cities and community. Finding your interests and becoming involved is your duty as a citizen. Darryl Byrd is leading the community wide effort to chart a bold course that over the next ten years will ultimately transform San Antonio into one of the world's greatest cities.