Logan Johnson - from the Rotary International Youth Exchange Office
This week is important for anyone invested in the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Logan Johnson from the Youth Exchange office at Rotary International will be our guest.
Logan’s primary responsibility as Engagement Specialist is to promote Rotary’s Youth Exchange program, with the ultimate goal of showcasing Rotary’s immense, global impact through the program. He advises on the strategy and communications needs of Rotary Youth Exchange by working with cross-departmental colleagues to ensure Rotary Youth Exchange is shared effectively and appropriately.
Through the Youth Exchange newsletter, Logan communicates news about the program and stories from alumni and volunteers of the program. And, as part of a key event on the Rotary calendar, he is responsible for planning the annual Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention event held at the RI Convention.
Logan also supports the many Rotex alumni associations that have formed and continue to find new ways for Rotary to incorporate them as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program.