November 10, 2017 Meeting 
    Of the things WE Think, Say and DO:
     1. Is it the truth? 2.  Will it build better friendships? 3. is it Fair to all Concerned?  4.  Is it beneficial to all concerned?
(Editors Note)  We received two responses from last weeks story on the FOUR WAY TEST. 
   From Corina:  "The video was interesting to me as this is the first time to be involved in such a great effort. - One way in Romania would be to invite guest to local meetings to find more of what Rotary stands for. - Have a city hall forum as here in Romania, ethics needs to be promoted in any and all ways. - It seems to me, that in my work in the Public Administration area, that even simple examples set by me promote the four way test of Rotary.."
   From Philip:  ""Three ways to promote Rotary Ethics here in Romania. As Rotary is a relatively new area in Romania and it is our privilege to be a part of this are some or our ideas to promote Rotary Ethics outside the Club and into the Romanian population: 1. Hold educational discussion on what Rotary is at the Junior and High School level; thus putting the seed of Rotary in all minds. 2. In Romania, there are many contest for the best in Math, Science, Computer put Rotary in the front of all by providing a scholarship to move to the next level of Competition and teaching each and every participant the principals involved in competition...not just to win, but how you win. 3. By publicly displaying that we are Rotarian in our everyday business activities.  
  Rotary has Six areas of Focus.  They include Peace and Conflict Resolution, Economic Development, Maternal and Child Health,
Basic Education and Literacy, Disease Prevention and  water and sanitation,  This week we will focus on PEACE and Conflict resolution.
  This week the United Nations honors six people who have done exceptional work in the world in the area of PEACE.  You will find a story below about Ann Frisch, the only US citizen to receive this award.  To find the other honorees, Click HERE.