Rotary eClub Video – April 29, 2020 –– Rhianna Gawrys (France 2006-07) - How to Set Up Your Home Workspace to Reduce Personal Back Pain
Rhianna was North Star Rotary Youth Exchange student to France in 2006-2007 and has volunteered for the program in a variety of roles. She’s currently serving as the chair of the outbound candidate orientations. While Rotary was her first passion, Rhianna is now passionate about getting people out of physical pain using neuro-muscular reeducation therapy which is effective in relieving a wide variety of ailments including back pain, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis.
This presentation takes a unique approach on setting up your home office space through both an ergonomic and therapy lens. If you live in pain, you’ll learn tips to mitigate it; and if you don’t live in pain, you’ll learn tips to avoid it.
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